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Choosing the right type of hosting for your website can be more difficult if you don’t have experience in a technical area like hosting. Not only do you have to sort through many dissimilar hosting companies, but you also have to choose the right type of holding. There are two types of hosting that you have probably come across in your search: shared hosting and VPS Hosting Provider .

These two types of hosting have the same end goal: ensuring you have a live site on the Internet. However, it would help if you chose the right hosting solution for your site. Selecting it will make your life as a website owner infinitely calmer.

What is shared hosting?

This is the most common type of hosting that any new business user starts with. Simple means that multiple websites share a physical web server; it distributes a web server to operate and serve various websites because it shares the same server with other websites and uses the same database, bandwidth, storage, etc. It is popular mainly because it is very economical and easy to maintain.

Benefits of VPS Hosting

Recently, the VPS hosting landscape has seen significant advancements. These improvements include greater ease of use and, in some cases, notable price reductions. It remains undeniable that VPS Hosting Provider inherently offers many advantages over shared hosting.

In the quest for favorable rankings on search engines like Google, it becomes a necessity for website owners to prioritize optimal performance. This involves closely complying with search engine requirements to gain a significant share of online traffic. If your website’s loading speed is lagging, it is unlikely that you will appear at the top of search results, given other site parameters. In April 2023, Google’s requirements in this part were even stricter, which caused many site administrators and owners to suffer due to the decrease in the position of their sites in searches. This has led many companies to migrate sites to AMP technology to maintain their search position.

Implementing VPS hosting is an effective strategy to meet the requirements of these search engines. However, there are other good reasons to choose VPS hosting. Among the many hosts, an urgent question arises: how to ensure the quality of the VPS Hosting Provider?

Managed and unmanaged

Another essential factor is whether you prefer managed or unmanaged VPS hosting. With managed VPS hosting, your web host handles all server-related issues. This can significantly reduce your workload as the web host takes care of the server resources and monitors them while making regular updates and necessary improvements if necessary. This is perfect if you are a non-technical customer who does not have the skills to install and configure the server or for those who are too busy to manage their VPS.

Unmanaged VPS hosting leaves the VPS’s responsibility on the customer’s shoulders. The VPS installation, configuration, and monitoring are in your hands. You must be highly qualified and technologically savvy; However, this gives you a certain degree of freedom to do whatever you want on the server—not recommended for beginners.

Also, for beginners or busy businesses, the worry is setting up your server. Make sure the VPS company offers free setup and VPS servers designed to be provisioned quickly.

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Company VPS Server Speed

VPS Server Speed

Speed is the name of the game in the world of VPS hosting. When looking for a new hosting provider, opt for a service with high ratings for web server speed. In other words, you want to ensure that your web hosting server responds to requests quickly.

So that? Let’s say you’re playing a game, for example. The VPS server you are using needs enough power to track your actions (as a host) and those of all the other players in your game and respond instantly. If your server speed increases like a turtle, it causes lags in your game. And everyone knows that playing a game with delays is a real replay fest. Do yourself a favor and opt for a VPS hosting plan with unmatched server speeds.

Cost analysis:

Although technology costs have decreased overall, it is not enough to focus solely on the price of hosting services. Performing a cost-benefit analysis generates more incredible value. Evaluate whether a plan’s features meet your needs. Be wary of low-end VPS hosting plans that could compromise quality and reliability. The hallmark of a premium hosting company is their help in determining infrastructure requirements based on your project needs.

Customer service:

In VPS hosting, customer service is essential. Responsive and efficient support is necessary for quick problem resolution. Before committing to hosting services, evaluate the responsiveness of your support team. Evaluate the availability of support channels, such as chat, phone support, knowledge base, and community forums.

VPS Enterprise Support

Here’s the deal. Here are roughly 1.8 billion websites on the Internet. But I would venture to guess that among all these website owners, not all are familiar with the intricacies of a web hosting platform.

You’re not just paying for server space when you pay for web hosting. You also pay for IT enthusiasts available 24/7 to answer your questions about your account and guide you through the technical aspects. The customer support team of a VPS company should thoughtfully consider their VPS hosting plan decision.

While it may seem like a lot to check off your list, the best VPS hosting company will meet all the above criteria. Check out our VPS hosting plans, created for different budgets and requirements.

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