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Edge Analytics Write For Us: Edge analytics is an approach to data group and analysis in which automated analytical calculations are performed on the data at a sensor, network switch, or other stratagem instead of waiting for the data to be returned to a data warehouse. Centralized.

Edge analytics has gained attention as the Internet of Things (IoT) connected device model has become more prevalent. In many organizations, streaming data from manufacturing machines, industrial equipment, pipelines, and other remote IoT-connected devices makes a massive glut of operational data, which can be tricky (and expensive) to manage. By running data through an analysis algorithm as it is made at the edge of an enterprise network, companies can set parameters for what information is worth sending to a cloud or an on-premises data warehouse for later use. , and those who don’t.

Analyzing data as it is generated can also reduce latency in the decision-making process on connected devices. For example, if data from sensors in a manufacturing system indicates the likely failure of a specific part, business rules built into the analysis algorithm that interprets the data at the edge of the network can automatically stop the machine and send alerts to factory managers so that the part can be replaced. This can save time compared to transmitting data to a central location for processing and analysis, potentially allowing organizations to reduce or avoid unplanned equipment downtime.

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